Wednesday, April 28, 2010


say hii and welcome for everyone

welcome to my RESTART version blog a.k.a NEW BLOG

this is just the ENTRY of my new blog
RESTART..means, everything start from the beginning

- blog html address -
- blog name -
- blog title -
- log in email -
- log in password -

all above are new..that's why i'm saying that it's a restart version of my blog
my old blog ( is also still exist..but i've made it private since i think most of it's content are now inappropriate for me to share with it's better for me to keep it between myself only...

for all my old blog's follower...and fellow bloggers, take note..this will be my new blog ( - add yer, jgn tak add..nanti menyesal :P

last word for this BRAND-NEW post...enjoy reading and following...happy blogging too for everyone... =]

konklusi : aku pun ade private life gak...dan klo dah private, aku wat cara private je la...kalo nak marah ke, nak kutuk ke, aku diam2 suda..sebab tu ade blog private..biar aku je yang tau

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