Thursday, April 29, 2010


the last time i played it was around 3 weeks ago
and it's when we have a tournament within our uni-mate
since then, all of us were busy with tests, projects, assignments and so on
well said..campus life right? it's kinda normal

until then, just now, i join my fellow sabahan friends + awag_krol [yang ini sarawak ok..? haha]
we play along with our chinese friends
wow!! felt like i'm energy-less + stamina-less
ran here and there...slow beb
but it's long as i can play it again

yeahh!! missed playing FUTSAL with my fellow sarawakian and sabahan friends
really enjoy it...

...during one of our tournament [last year's tournament]...

...missed the moment where we all played together [sarawakian's + sabahan's]...

konklusi : rindu indah mok main futsal dengan cdak geng2 sarawak yang lain [steil+nasz+saddam+mervin+afif+azuwan+acap+awang] skali ngan dak2 sabah...tapi apa dah jadi tok?

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