Friday, May 7, 2010


this week everyone's busy talking about hot topic..what is it? EMO-EMO stuff?? well...i just said, i'm one of this emo-emo week participant..but one thing i don't understand is why other people who don't know anything and not even related to it keep on saying about this...or is it you guys are also in emo-emo week? as if my emo-emo things are pointed to you...and seems like you are posted something on your facebook wall and status just to hit me back? i thought guys didn't do that, but well, you people is over than girl i really annoyed, i guess not only me, but anyone too...why need to keep yourself involve in other people business if you are totally not related at all? well...guys, if you keep doing this, you just makes things worst ok...came on, be a real man, if you not satisfied with my status or post, then come and we can make it man-to man situation, tell least i can explain the real situation...whether or not, it is related to you..don't just simply make your own assumption...that's show how immature you are...stupid isn't?

well, just recap about how this emo-emo week get all starts when i started to know one by one, the truth that i expect it never happen. well, this teach me a lot, about how i shouldn't trust anybody..except myself and my God...well, now the situation is getting better...between me and the REAL RELATED person, we're almost done, even apologise...but i guess, another people who KNOWS NOTHING are just started to be like batu api to this situation. you are actually the one who makes yourself emo, without  any should we called this kind of person? #$@#!&! i with so called back-ups behind you makes you dare i think...but do i care? no, not at all, coz you are not the one i'm dealing with...but yes, after the big thing settled down, you are now the one i think i need to deal with...

but it's better for me to keep it silence...well, for whatever happen, BEST FRIENDS are still the one i respect most, i care most. whatever nonsense and bad things you said behind me, i just accept it, even though it hurt me a lot [this is not emo, but the real things i feel now] but i will not gonna do the same thing to my besties. i appreciate you guys for being such nice friends of me. when i said this, don't think that i'm afraid of you, as i never afraid of anyone, except my GOD..and with this post, i would like to wish all my BEST FRIENDS + friends all the best for your final exam...may God blessed your life..:)

konklusi : sometimes, there's always something people done to you and it really hurt you. but the best way to deal with it is by keep forgive them, and pray for them to always get the best in your life. as for the one you once hate and angry with, give them time to apologize and forgive them too. the rest, leave it to God.

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